Protection circuit for 7SxP battery (From 6S to 10S version available)

Possible customization for packs from 6S to 10S Low cost BMS for 10S lithium battery packs Dimensions: 54mm x 74mm

Charging/discharging rate: 16A continuous, 25A peak Voltage measurement accuracy: 15mV

Temperature sensors: 1 onboard, 1 NTC Balancing: 40mA

Power on: always on or self-hold push-button Communication: UART

Other characteristics: 1 onboard led; setup for membrane keyboard with 3 LEDs and button

Protections: UV, OV, OTD, OTC, UTD, UTC, OCD, OCC, SCP.

Algorithms for SOC and SOH estimation.

Connectors: solder SMD pads for power, signals with 2mm pitch.