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Our Services


Electronic designs

The electronic design is the branch in which SET Engineering has more experience.
All the phases of the design, from schematic to layout, up to the 3D design of the card are completely done internally.
The experience gained over the years in both control and sensing applications in power, allow the company to expand in various fields.
Of all the areas in which the company has worked in recent years, the branch in which it has developed more experience are the control
boards and drive motors, management cards of lithium batteries, man-machine interface and service cards I/O.
This service may stop with the delivery of the project or it can continue with the development of firmware or software and get up
to the production of the finished product.




System Engineering

The mission of SET Engineering is to provide a complete kit, a turnkey solution that removes completely the customer's responsibility
to interconnect and put in operation the various parts of the system. Hence the complete service that goes from the study of the whole machine,
its parts and interconnections, both hardware (wiring, hardware, etc ..) and software (communication protocols, diagnostics, etc ..).
The experience gained over the years allows to combine different technologies to offer the best solution both in technical and economic terms.



Custom Batteries Design

Thanks to close collaboration with the manufacturers of lithium cells and their package assembler certified in Italy,
SET Engineering deals with the design and the supply of battery packs specifically for each application, from tooling to traction,
from stationary to the backup.
For each battery a own control system is configured or designed with all the security functions and those required by the Customer,
complete with a balancer which can be either passive type that active type.
The battery can also be provided with a container, system of human interface, data logger and software of control and supervision.




Mechanical Design

The trend of the last years about the integration of mechatronic systems has led SET Engineering to integrate its service portfolio
with the mechanical deisgn both internally than with the aid of consolidated consultants, in 2D but especially in 3D.
This brings the company to offer products already available that can be integrated within their systems,without having to develop interface
components or adaptation to the existent machine.
Moreover it is possible to develop boxes, flange interface and both plastic than metal molds.



Software Development

SET Engineering has long experience developing firmware, starting with PIC in assembly code,
up to the latest ARM Cortex-based C / C ++.
The developed firmware ranges from control and management software to complex algorithms,
all owned by SET Engineering and then completely customizable.
As for the software of the highest level, the offered solutions range from systems based on embedded linux, up to software for PC and Mac,
passing through the essential APP, used in all of the latest generation of mobile systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Supervision software, configuration or diagnostics can be developed for each application and interfaced with any type of communication,
cable or wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC).





While all stages of the design – protype and test are carried out in-house, the production is instead outsourced to a strategic
partner that can boast 21.000 square meters of factories in Italy and the highest quality standards of production,
awarded since 2004 by the ISO9002 (UNI EN 29002). This phase may be limited to a single electronic card or getting to a semi or
a assembled item,also packed individually and provided with instruction booklet ready for sale to the end customer.