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Electric Drives and Motors

SET Engineering boasts a team that has always worked in the traction motors and automation word, from engines separately excited or series,

DC and brushless induction, to the latest technologies brushless synchronous (both classical IPM) and stepper.

All the control algorithms are proprietary and developed within the company; this allows great flexibility in calibration and tuning for each application.
The power sizes ranging from 20W to 75kW up to 400Vdc; the focus of the portfolio, however, is to this day, on low-voltage systems between 24Vdc and 72Vdc.
The latest models feature CPU ARM Cortex, until the 'M4 at 120MHz that allow close control loops in 50us (20MHz),
power stages with the latest generation of mosfet as power56 or TOLL, also exploit hybrid technologies FR4-IMS.
The I/O digital-analog local and communication bus as CAN, RS485, USB, NFC could fit in a variety of applications and configurations,
both for interfacing to the system and toward the operator.

The high number of products developed in the most disparate sectors also allows SET Engineering
to design a custom version of drive in quick times and low costs.

In recent years, thanks to agreements and collaborations with engine manufacturers, SET Engineering developed brushless motors with integrated electronics,
both asynchronous and synchronous; these products offer a high technological solution,
high and extremely compact performance which makes the development of the vehicle or of the system easier for the Customer.