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Dashboards ands HMI

The human-machine interface or dashboard holds a very important function being the exposed part and the precisely
interface of the machine and often is the main criterion for the judgement of the end user.

The SET Engineering products don’t act just as an interface but they all have a very high-performance CPU, up to 32bit / 80MHz;
this allows the use of these devices also as control unit of the vehicle or system.
They are equipped with various inputs and outputs, including the possibility of adding a keypad, and have the most varied
communications: CAN, RS-485, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and more.
It is also possible to equip them with special functions such as the clock-calendar or the logging data on microSD.
The displays range from custom, the monochrome (also graphics one), going on to the color TFT 3.5 or 7 inches;
they can be equipped with a backlight, touchscreen resistive or capacitive and sunlight readable treatment.
These embedded solutions allow you to have a fully customized graphics developed with customer specifications,
they can include also photos or manuals maintaining anyway a very low and competitive cost in production.