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About Us

SET Engineering is the result of both gained long-stained experience in multinational corporation
and of the resourcefulness of some young graduates at the Polytechnic University of Milan.
Founded in 2009, SET Engineering is on the market as a supplier of Customer-oriented solutions
at the cutting-edge based on the latest electronic systems and technologies.
Thanks to its experience and competence SET Engineering follows its Customers from the identification
of the project to the commercialization of the product, from the preliminary study to the supply
of the good or the kit especially designed for the Customer needs, supporting them
in the early stages of post-sales service.


Team Working and Flexibility

Simple and available interface allows us
to quickly develop and work jointly
with the Customer for a perfect achievement of the aims of the project.

Customized Product

Having a customised product always allows to reduce costs and production time avoiding waste and unnecessary loss of time.

Turn Key Solution

The use of a full service relieves the
Customer of the difficult role of
system integrator and interface
between the various suppliers so
that he can concentrate more on
his business.


Our Mission

SET Engineering puts the Customer at the center of its business , offers competitive and fast solutions
using the best technologies available on the market.
The aim of SET Engineering is to become a partner in the project even before being the supplier.

Unlike its main competitors that sell standard products requiring the Customer to modify their systems or to study new ones,
SET Engineering uses its own products to make customized solutions, dealing also with system engineering and software developing,
board or custom algorithms where the application requires it, in order to provide the best solution both in technical and economic terms.


Our Experience

SET Engineering has a wide experience not only in electronics, both control and power one,
despite this is the main component of their projects, but in the whole systems containing the latter,
thus including all electro-mechanical and chemical parts that make it up.

The core business of the company is composed by electric vehicles powered with a battery
and in particular their powertrain, both industrial and civil type.  

SET Engineering has a great experience on various types of vehicles such as: light quadricycle,
small boats, go -karts, bicycles, scooters, truck for the textile industry, forklifts, machines for industrial cleaning,
professional lawnmowers, underwater robots and automated guided vehicles (AGV).

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    Power Assisted Bicycle

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    Light quadricycle

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    Electric Scooter

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